Busted! Don’t Believe These Fitness Myths!

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Discipline, hard work, and patience play a vital role in achieving individual fitness goals. The right exercises and a proper diet can help you stay fit, increase strength, reduce those aches and pains, and prevent injuries. Unfortunately, if you exert your body beyond its capacity, there is a possibility of getting injured or experiencing excruciating pain.

By joining a fitness class with a knowledgeable and qualified instructor you can exercise without the fear of injuries. Moreover, working out with others will motivate you, challenge you and inspire you towards healthy habits. 

One of the stumbling blocks preventing people from joining a fitness class or contacting a personal trainer, is the half-truths they’ve read on the internet. People often fall prey to myths and misconceptions surrounding fitness and either quit before they’ve even started or formulate a restrictive exercise routine for themselves. To ensure that you follow the right workout routine for yourself, taking into consideration your age, gender, and fitness goals, E-Fitness has debunked some common myths plaguing the fitness industry.

Myth 1: You don’t build muscle after turning fifty.

Popular belief may tell you otherwise, however, even if you’re over fifty, it’s not too late to get into shape. Building muscle is not going to be as easy as it was when you were younger, but it is still possible. As you age, muscles that aren’t used atrophy and require a greater stimulus to create growth. So, it will take more time, dedication, and patience on your part to see the results. The one thing you need to learn when you start exercising after the age of fifty is to stop comparing your growth to your former self. Start with a fresh, realistic and positive mindset and your goals will be possible.

In my Body Sculpt class, I have witnessed older women progress from lifting 2lbs to 8lbs, and where they once thought that they would never be able to lift 15lbs, they now see the possibility.

Myth 2: Cardiovascular exercises are tiring.

People often avoid cardio because it makes them feel tired. While it is true that cardio can be tiring at first, its benefits far outweigh the tough start. A good session of cardiovascular exercise will strengthen your heart and help you increase your stamina. Also, the more cardio activity is a regular part of your life, the more energy you have. So, instead of avoiding cardio altogether, you should start easy and for short amounts of time and then build upon it. You should also ensure that you maintain a healthy diet and keep hydrated. A well-fuelled body will help give you the energy to perform the cardiovascular activity.

As your body gets used to these periods of cardio exertion you will feel the difficulty decreasing. In fact, you will feel more energetic, as a healthy heart and lungs reduce the feeling of lethargy. In my Body Blast class, I’ve seen women who once struggled with ten minutes of constant aerobic movement to now comfortably handling thirty minutes of continuous motion. 

Myth 3: Women bulk up when lifting weights.

Women often avoid weight lifting as they associate weights with bodybuilders and larger body frames. The truth is that the bulky women they see are either naturally larger, consciously working towards it by really increasing their protein intake, or taking hormones. An average-sized woman will not get big muscles by weight lifting alone. There will be tone and definition, but big will not happen. 

This common belief often stops women from trying weights and therefore depriving them of the various benefits of weight lifting, like strength building, reduction in the risk of injury, improved posture, and pain reduction. To add evidence to this Myth Buster, I can tell you that most of the women in my Body Sculpt class have actually lost weight through strength training, because the more lean muscle mass you have, the higher your metabolism is.

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